Google and Universal Music want artists to get paid for AI-generated music

Artificial Intelligence is causing a real stir in the field of intellectual property. If just yesterday we were talking about the «caught» of a Dungeons and Dragons artist who used AI in an illustration for the book Bigby Presents: Glory of the Giants, today’s news is a little more hopeful.

In this case we are not talking about the graphic arts industry, but about the music industry. Apparently Google and Universal Music Group would be working together so that music lovers can create their own songs with the help of AI, but taking into account a very important detail that the big companies had not taken into account until now: Copyright.

In this way, this new system in which both Google and Universal (and possibly also Warner Music) would be working, would be focused on complying with current legislation. And of course, this would also imply paying the artists financial compensation.

The goal is to create a simple app that generates songs from your favorite artists with just a couple of prompts

According to the Financial Times, both companies would be developing an application for «musical deepfakes», which would allow anyone to create songs with Artificial Intelligence using the voices and melodies of their favorite artists. Without a doubt, a tool that would revolutionize the music industry from top to bottom if it were successful.

Is this the future that’s waiting for us?

Can you imagine that you no longer have to wait for your favorite singer to release a new album because you can create one yourself using a simple app? Well, Google and Universal are working on that (or something similar) right now.

It should be noted that according to the Financial Times, this new application would still be in a very early development phase, so the tool could still take several months to be officially launched.

From what we know so far, it could be a fairly simple app where users can provide details like music genre, tone, or lyrics, and from there let the AI ​​do all the work. The grace of this whole matter would be that users could select the voices and melodies of their favorite artists.

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