ChatGPT: How to fix the ‘Conversation Not Found’ error

ChatGPT is one of the best conversational chatbots out there, but the fact that it’s completely free (unless you’re a premium ChatGPT Plus user, of course) sometimes causes glitches like the ‘Conversation Not Found’ error. How can we solve it?
Next, we are going to review the possible causes for the ‘Conversation Not Found’ error in ChatGPT, as well as the possible solutions that we can apply to recover our lost conversations with the OpenAI chatbot.

How to fix ‘Conversation Not Found’ error in ChatGPT

The ‘Conversation Not Found’ error appears when we are trying to load or access a previous conversation that we had open in the application. Instead of the exchange of messages with ChatGPT appearing, what appears is a blank message indicating that the conversation has not been found and therefore cannot be displayed.

Does this mean that the conversation has been deleted? Not necessarily. Keep in mind that ChatGPT has millions of users every day, and sometimes the AI ​​servers can crash due to saturation of activity.

This becomes an especially important factor if we are using the free version of ChatGPT, as these servers are less stable than the premium servers of ChatGPT Plus.

In any case, the problem does not always reside in the OpenAI servers. Let’s see what checks we can carry out to try to recover those lost conversations that cannot be loaded.

1- Check your prompt or query and avoid entering too complex characters or formats

Before you start going through different solutions, make sure that the prompt you entered doesn’t contain any weird or complex characters. Sometimes the ‘Conversation Not Found’ error appears when the AI ​​is unable to correctly process our question.

Rephrase your prompt and see if you still get the same error.

2- Check the status of ChatGPT servers

Before you start making changes to your PC or mobile device, make sure the problem is not on the user side. Check the status of the ChatGPT servers from the OpenAI server status page.

These graphs represent the state of the servers in real time over 90 days. Each of the lines corresponds to a different day, so if you see that the last line is green, that means that the servers have not had any problems in the last 24 hours. If the last line is red, then the best thing to do is wait for the ChatGPT servers to come back online.

3- Make sure you have a good internet connection

ChatGPT is an application that works basically with typed text, so it doesn’t require a very strong data connection to run perfectly. However, if your connection is very weak or unstable you may have problems using the application.

Check the status of your connection by performing a speed test. You can perform a quick test directly from the Google search engine.

One tip: when you do the speed test, also look at the latency. If it returns a very high number, it means that the communication is very late, and this can also affect the connectivity with the ChatGPT servers.

4- Reload the ChatGPT page

If your internet connection works correctly and the ChatGPT servers are up, then we have to think that it is a specific failure in our device or web browser.

To rule out this type of specific failures, press F5 from the PC keyboard to refresh the page, or restart the ChatGPT app if you are accessing from your mobile.

If you still get the ‘Conversation Not Found’ error then also delete cookies and temporary files from the browser by pressing the CTRL+SHIFT+DEL key combination.

5- Log out and log back in to ChatGPT

It is possible that ChatGPT had problems loading the data associated with our account the last time we logged into the application. To solve it, close the session, exit ChatGPT and log in again with your user.

If you have several ChatGPT accounts (which is illegal according to OpenAI’s terms of use), also make sure that you are accessing the correct account.

6- Other checks you can perform

In addition to everything mentioned above, you can also perform these other checks to try to recover your lost ChatGPT conversations:

  • If you have extensions installed in the browser, deactivate them. You may be generating a conflict with ChatGPT that prevents its proper functioning.
  • Deactivate any VPN or proxy server you have configured, as they can cause connectivity problems with the ChatGPT servers.

7- Get in touch with ChatGPT support team

If none of this works and you’re still getting the ‘Conversation Not Found’ error when trying to load any of your chats, your best bet is to contact ChatGPT support. You can send them an email at Once they analyze your case, they can give you a definitive answer to your problem.

See you in the next post!

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