AI-generated art discovered in latest D&D book

Image: Wizards of the Coast | Ilya Shkipin

Dungeons & Dragons publisher Wizards of the Coast has announced that it will review its artist hiring and supervision policies after it was revealed that some of the artwork in its latest book, Bigby Presents: Glory of the Giants, was generated with the help of artificial intelligence.

According to a statement posted on X, the publisher apologized for the artist’s use of AI-enhanced images. The statement states that “While we weren’t aware of the artist’s choice to use AI in the creation process for these commissioned pieces, we have discussed with him, and he will not use AI for Wizards’ work moving forward.”

The Bigby Presents: Glory of the Giants book, is a digital source book that was released on August 1 for those who pre-ordered it. It is a source for the Dungeons & Dragons role-playing game. The book explores the vast world of giants and offers 2 new backgrounds and 8 new feats to unleash runic magic and wield elemental power. It also includes a wonderful collection of over 30 magical items, including 3 illustrious artifacts, and over 70 new monsters and other huge creatures to face in the D&D Beyond Encounter Builder.

However, one of the D&D authors named NevernotDM noticed last Friday that there was something off about one of the images in the book. In response, artist Ilya Shkipin posted in X on Saturday that he had used AI for «specific details or to polish and edit» his work. He also showed comparisons between his initial sketches and his finished works to illustrate his point. However, after receiving criticism from other artists and members of the D&D community, Shkipin removed the posts. On Saturday, Gizmodo posted screenshots of the comparisons Shkipin had made.

On the left the final art edited with AI, on the right the original sketch. Image: Wizards of the Coast | Ilya Shkipin

Final art for a character named Frostmourn, as well as others in D&D Beyond, shows features that suggest the use of AI. In another example, the Frost Giant’s left foot appears disproportionate and oddly turned, raising questions about the origin of the art.

In any case, and unless Wizards of the Coast makes changes in this regard, the book containing the AI-edited image will go live when it is published on August 15.

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